3 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Snacks For Babies.

When it comes to feeding your baby, you’re faced with lots of snacks for babys choices. You can feed them hastily prepared purees or you could use a spoon and feed them real food. You can buy jars of strained applesauce or an expensive pouch of baby food. What should you do? We’ll look at 5 things that have been proven not to be true about feeding babies and 5 things that are true in this article.


The bad news is that if you try to feed real food to your baby, you’ll have only 12 weeks of success followed by years of failure. The good news is that if you stick with the puree, the odds are against your baby getting sick. The reason babies can eat real food without getting sick is because they are born with a stomach bacteria trillions of times more powerful than the bacteria in their mother’s mouth. This bacterium kills all other bacteria in their stomachs and enables them to digest foods/preparations from their mothers and from other sources safely and easily.

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  1. The myth: Baby foods are good for babies.


The truth is that baby foods can be full of harmful chemicals, including pesticides, preservatives and artificial ingredients. Babies are more at risk of getting sick from eating them than they are from eating solid food. According to CBS News, some jars of baby food contained lead and mercury that exceeded federal safety limits due to the way they were processed and packaged. And we all know that infants have very low immune systems so they need the protection their mother’s milk provides them with the natural bacteria in their mother’s mouth as well as in breast milk.

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  1. The myth: Breast milk is best for babies.


The truth is, it’s not safe to feed breast milk to babies if they have been given formula in the 24 hours before their bottle. The reason is because breast milk contains antibodies that can protect babies from disease-ridden formula. If your baby has fed on the same bottle 24 hours before they are given their bottle, then they will have antibodies leftover in their system that could cause problems if they don’t feed on solid food soon after they are weaned off formula.


  1. The myth: Babies need pureed food for growth and development.
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When babies are fed the wrong foods, they don’t grow as well, and when they are fed the right foods, they can get brain damage from the high fiber content of them (things like bran in cereal) that can lead to learning disabilities later in life. It is important for growth for babies to graduate to solid food, an age when their nutritional needs change as well as their digestive needs because their stomachs are no longer ready to handle a large amount of fiber or a lot of fat that when added to infant formula will result in a diaper rash or diarrhea.

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The best way to feed your baby is a combination of breast milk/formula as well as real food. Babies need to eat solids before they can properly process the nutrients found in solid foods, so it is better to start this vital and important step in their diets early so that they are ready for it and will get the most out of all their meals. You can check out more at organicsbestshop.com.