How to Stay Less Tired and Enthusiastic in School time

School time is full of tasks and goals to accomplish and students also leave no stone unturned in order to accomplish those goals. Sometimes such hectic hours make students feel very tired and they feel like having a cup of coffee and then a bed to rest. Sometimes this situation is normal but if this happens regularly then this is something to be taken into concern. Schools are also taking this seriously that students are getting over burdened therefore they are providing some time to relax by giving them stress relieving activities and funny sessions.

Some countries like China, are providing nap time also to the children in order to save them from getting exhausted in study time. Learning management system is taking care of the mental health of their kids as a learning management system of many schools are designing their curriculum so as not to be a burden on students. Doesn’t matter if they know simple terms like ERP full form or not they won’t be burdened with punitive actions and if they don’t know lessons and topics like ERP full form then teachers will teach them without being rude and punishing them which can make students get exhausted of such situations. If even after so much support from school management students is feeling exhausted and tired then it is necessary to change the daily routine and make positive changes which can relieve the mind and body.

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First of all, students need to have proper sleep. Sleep is as important for the body and mind as eating food and drinking water. Students should never keep it aside for other things. Sleeping less than essential hours like 7-8 hours brings exhaustion, lack of sleep can cause accidents like faints and dizziness. Lack of proper sleep invites many health issues also like weak immunity, diabetes, depression, stress, heart problems and weight gain. So, a student should have a sound sleep of 7-8 hours. Along with this student needs to take care of his/her meal system.

Kids and students keep on running here and there and never take complete meal and spend their time eating packed food of market full of carbohydrates only whereas in order to fight exhaustion one should have meals rich in protein like chicken, salmon, eggs, peanut butter, pulses, soyabean, cheese, guava, avocado, green peas, sweet corn, mushrooms, kiwi, blackberries etc. Students can be seen mostly drinking packaged drinks like coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, chocolate but less know that these items contain caffeine and caffeine shortens the sleep hours of an individual. As a result, one feels exhausted the next day. Alcohol also plays the same role by interrupting the time-period of sleeping. Drinking too much alcohol also makes one suffer from hangovers, rough and sleepy the next day.

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Students should try to keep themselves active and moving so that their bodies should not give up with little more hectic schedules like someday students have to go through continuous lectures and after them they have to go through some activities or sports. Exercises and yoga keep the body and mind ready and fit and fine for daily work. It doesn’t mean one has to sweat out in the gym for hours but for just 10 minutes even if somebody gives time to some physical activities then also the body gains power to go through the whole day.

Another reason to feel tired and exhausted is lack of proper water level in the body. To maintain this routine a student should wake up and take a glass of water, should always have a bottle full of freshwater beside the studying desk, drink a glass of water before the meal not after the meal, minimum 3 litres of water should be consumed daily and sip a little water while doing exercises.

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All of the above in order to stay less tired and enthusiastic, having fun and laughter is the best remedy. It generates so much energy in the body that it can vanish tiredness and exhaustion in a jiffy. So, a student can try anything which brings unlimited fun and joy to him or her. One can try funny activities like watching an evergreen comedy movie, read your favourite comics book or novel, meet a funny friend with whom you roll in laughter, listen to your favourite songs or learn a new hobby.