Spectrum cable service: is it the best?

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Spectrum’s service will appeal to nomads in every way. Spectrum’s service is not only contract-free, but the firm will also assist you in terminating your current supplier’s contract. If you are not happy with Spectrum, you can quit in 30 days and receive a refund. However, its cable packages have a hefty price tag, several benefits to combining services that more than makeup for it.


On the one hand, the channel bundles of Spectrum include everything you may need, allowing you to access all of your favorite networks and almost all premium channels. Spectrum, on the other hand, does not have any tempting specials. NFL Sunday Ticket is a DIRECTV-exclusive sports subscription that contains a fantasy football option. This feature allows you to recap your favorite games free of commercials and shows out-of-market games.

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Spectrum cable service is also lacking in providing information on its DVR system. The competitors of Spectrum are promising DVR systems that can record sixteen episodes at one go and store content worth 300 hours, as well as Netflix integration.


Advantages of opting for spectrum TV

  • There are no contracts
  • There are many bundling options available. The services of Spectrum are available almost all over the US.


 Disadvantages of opting for spectrum TV

  • Their customer service is very spotty.
  • The DVR equipment that you will receive from the company is fundamental and lacks in features compared to the competitors.
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Highlights of Spectrum

There are no commitments to sign, and you have a 30-day money-back promise.

The money-back assurance and lack of commitments are two of Spectrum’s most notable features. Anyone unhappy with Spectrum’s subscription can terminate it without incurring any fines or fees. You’ll also get your cash back if you quit within 30 days of starting the program.

Spectrum’s plans are all contract-free, making them great for any short-term living scenario. Having TV service without a commitment is a pleasant luxury if you’re a university student, in the army, or simply planning to relocate soon.

If you’re locked into a deal with another supplier, Spectrum will cover the termination fees up to $500 with a contractual buyout. However, there is a catch. You must install either a Triple or Double Play package to earn the contractual buyout.

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Advantages of bundling

Spectrum’s Triple Play offer is jam-packed with promotional benefits. Spectrum will interest you if you require various services (internet, TV, and phone). It includes no data caps on internet service and a free modem, allowing you to watch, browse, and upload/download without restriction. The connection speeds start at 30 Mbps, with the option to boost to 300 Megabit per second.

Spectrum’s channel plans start at 125 channels and go up from there. Middle-tier channel packages also provide popular premium networks like HBO, Showtime, and CINEMAX. Most providers only include premium channels in their top-tier packages.

Spectrum warns that the products and prices will vary based on your location. You can construct a bundle around your preferred connection speeds and channel pack number in most areas. In some places, you may only avail of one connection speed option to choose from, along with a limited number of channel bundles.

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Availability on a large scale

With Spectrum’s service available in 46 states, there’s a strong chance you’ll be able to get it wherever you reside. This vast availability is a remarkable achievement for cable TV, which comes close to replicating satellite TV’s statewide reach. The combination of Charter Communications and Time Warner in 2016 is most likely to blame for Spectrum’s reach.


Technical assistance

Spectrum does an excellent job when it comes to technical help and installation. Several extensive information and tutorials are available on the company’s help page to assist you in setting up and configuring your receiver. Spectrum has wooed the customers with their attention to detail and technological know-how. This is crucial if you wish to set up your equipment.

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Fees and costs add up rapidly.

Spectrum has a long list of monthly prices and fees despite the no-contract option. The list of costs on Spectrum’s website is quite long. You’ll have to pay $7.50 monthly for the HD box and $5 monthly for DVR services for each TV you want to connect to the cable. A $12 per month Broadcast Fee is also included with the TV bundles. You must also pay $5 monthly for a router if you want WiFi with your internet. If you only have two TVs and subscribe to cable, you’ll be paying $40 or more per month.

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 Poor Quality Equipment 

It is tough to discover any information about the Spectrum DVR service. While most suppliers market their hardware, Spectrum’s site does not refer to the box. If you want a DVR featuring advanced capabilities or the ability to integrate other apps, it is best if you search elsewhere.