Why Do Dogs’ Nails Need Trimming?

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Does trimming your dog’s nails feel like an inconvenience? Of course, it is essential for their overall health. Dogs’ nails grow regularly, and they need cutting every month. In wild dogs, nails wear down gradually by all the hunting and traveling they do on different terrains. But, things are not the same for domesticated pet dogs, their nails do not tear naturally, and to keep up with their natural growth, pet parents have to trim their nails regularly.

Long nails are not safe for your pet and can cause health problems that will require immediate medical attention. If the nails are not trimmed regularly, the pins can grow way too long. Arthritis can set in your dog, and the nails can even break and cause painful health problems for your pet. Your pet will need proper veterinary attention in such a scenario, and medical bills may create a financial crunch if you don’t have the dog insurance Nz.

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Two ways to clip your dog’s nails:

There are several ways to trim your dog’s nails, but two of the most practiced mentors of trimming nails are mentioned below.

  • Some pet owners try to trim their pet’s nails following the natural approach. They ensure pets are doing a variety of exercises daily. Some joint exercises that can help your pet trim their nails are biking with a pet owner, jogging, and doing daily walks. Regular exercise is an excellent way to keep their nails trimmed, but there are a lot of factors you need to consider before you put them through a vigorous exercise routine. The terrain where they are walking or running is essential. Taking your dog for a walk or run on the pavement is not suitable for their paw pads. If you take your furry buddy to parks and hike through the jungle, then it is going to be acceptable for your dog. But, avoid taking your dogs on walks on paved roads regularly because nails won’t wear down, and eventually, long nails will make their walks more difficult and painful.
  • The second way to trim your dog’s nails is to use tools. Presently, in the 21st century, there are many nail clipping tools for dogs in the market. They come in a wide variety of ranges and styles. As a pet owner, the vital thing is that you need to build this from a very young age. That way, your pet will get comfortable with the process as time passes.
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So with these two ways, you can keep your pet’s nails at an appropriate length. But, which process will suit your pet? You can ask your vet regarding this. Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that trimming away too many nails way too often is also not suitable for your pet. A balance is required, so educate yourself properly about the best time interval for regular trimming. No matter what, get cat insurance for your pet because health problems cannot be predicted at the very moment but can cause monetary difficulties in case of an unfortunate event. Getting a pet insurance quote is very easy in today’s time. All you need is a good internet connection, so get a pet insurance quote soon.

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